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Lesson Offerings

Guitar in all genres, bass guitar, song writing, beat making and  music production, music theory.

Lesson Rates

30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


  • What ages and skill levels do you teach?
    Any age above 8 years old, at any skill level! I have had wonderful experiences teaching students of all age spectrums, from 9 to 75+ It's never too late pick music back up, finally take a look at fixing those old bad habits, or start progressing in techniques and areas you've always wanted to explore but never known how!
  • How are your courses structured?
    Every student is different, so I tailor lessons to reflect the individual goals and interests of each student while also balancing a gentle push to make sure the foundations are getting covered. If there are songs you've always wanted to learn but haven't been able to find a way to learn them, I'll learn them and teach them to you. I can also create and write out custom arrangements of songs for students. If you need help applying more discipline to your instrument and want to take a pedagogical approach, I have an excellent depth of knowledge in multiple methods for guitar and music theory across different genres.
  • What kind of music do you play? What is your background?
    I started playing classical guitar at the age of 8 and continued studying it formally all the way through college. However, having a jazz guitarist for a father, I also started playing jazz around the same time and played my first jazz gig at a restaruant when I was 11. The whole while, I've always loved Jimmi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters, and loads of other blues/rock guitarists. Guitar is one of the most versatile interests ever made, so you gotta take advantage of it all! I'm therefore veresed in fingerstyle playing, bluegrass, soul, funk, blues, rock, jazz, classical, pop, folk, country, indie. It's all excellent music and it's all related! For more information on my musical education and credentials, I also grew up playing woodwinds, like Saxophone and Clarinet, in addition to guitar. From the age of 9 to 22, I consistently took 3 different sets of private lessons every month for all of my instruments (guitar, sax, clarinet), often travelling hours across my home state of Washington to study with the best musicians I could and compete in various state, national, and international competitions. I then studied on a full ride Jazz scholarship at the University of Oregon and later transferred to the University of Washington, preferring the musical environment there. All of the knowledge I gained from studying the guitar, I applied to Sax, and vice versa. I credit this process to helping me develop a very deep and creative understanding of music, while also enabling me to pick up other instruments very quickly. My musical education has always been a strong blend of self-driven ambition and formal training, and I've had the honor to work with and be mentored by many internationally renound musicians. I really understand the process and what it's like to study music from a teacher, having done it from so many different musicians with so many different methods for so many years. Every time I teach, I try to expand on what I always found worked from my musical education and cut out I saw to be ineffecive for myself and for my peers; it needs to be fun! From a production and beat making stand point, I started making rap beats on my computer using logic about 8 years ago. This quickly branched out into recording and producing my own songs quickly thereafter. I now use Reason primarily and also know Ableton well.
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